Appointment Instructions –

Appointments are REQUIRED for the following:

Bidders that purchased vehicles, trailers, or any other item that has a title.

Please schedule a 15 minute appointment by clicking on the “Payment & Registration Appointment” button below and selecting the 15 minute appointment option.

Payment & Registration Appointment

Bidders that purchased more than 5 lots with the lot number being #1000 or greater.

Please schedule an appointment to pick up your items by clicking on the “Item Pick up Appointment” button below. Please allow 30 minutes for every 5 lots numbered 1000 and above.

Item Pick up Appointment

Bidders that did not purchase items that require an appointment may choose to make an appointment for pickup. Click on the “Item Pick up Appointment” button above to schedule your non-mandatory appointment. Maximum appointment time for item pickup is 2 hours.

If you have any questions, please call us at 951-657-5300